Engineering Degree Attestation: A Step Closer Towards Your Dream Job Abroad

Engineering Degree Attestation

Out of all the professions, the demand for engineers has been increased significantly in Middle East countries especially the United Arab Emirates. The petroleum driven economy of the UAE is planning to shift towards a knowledge based economy. The ongoing infrastructural development and technological innovation with the country has raised several job opportunities for expat engineers. The other factor which has escalated this situation is a limited number of engineers in the UAE. If you have completed your graduation and now looking for a job opportunity, then this can be a golden opportunity for you. But before you plan further, the first thing which you have to take care of is degree certificate attestation. 

The engineering certificate and degree attestation is a simple yet complicated procedure. In this attestation process, the engineering degree certificate will go through the several governmental authorities for scrutinization in order to gain validity overseas. In every country, there are different governmental authorities that have been designated for attesting the public documents. In the US, the Department of State is the authorized authority to attest the public documents, whereas, in United Kingdom (UK) the documents are attested by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the designated authority to attest public certificates. 

Firstly, the engineering degree certificates will be authenticated by the Human Resource Development (HRD) of the issuing state. In this stage, the certificate will be verified by the issuing institution and then will be stamped by the HRD. Thereupon, it will be transferred to the MEA for attestation. The MEA attests the document on the basis of authentication done by the previous department. The MEA does not charge any fee for attesting documents. Then it will be attested by the Embassy of the concerned country in which the applicant is planning to go, and eventually by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), UAE. Only after the MOFA attestation, the government of UAE will acknowledge your documents.  

Make your attestation process easier with professionals

You can either complete this whole procedure by yourself or you can hire an attestation expert who will complete this procedure on your behalf. If you are a first timer, then this whole process can be daunting for you. Besides, if you make one mistake then it can negatively affect your documents and can cost you a lot of money and time. To make this experience a hassle free one, we advise you to take help from the authorized attestation service provider. You can avail the services for degree certificate attestation for UAE in Pune and in other states of India. Currently, the number of these attestation service providers has skyrocketed and that is why you will have to be very careful while hiring one. The MEA has outsourced the document collection work to some agencies. You can take help from these agencies in order to obtain affordable and assured deals.  
Why to attest certificates?

Attestation is the most effective way of authenticating documents and it certifies the genuinity of the documents overseas. Whether you are planning to pursue higher education or to join a new business enterprise abroad, you will require attested documents. Apart from legalizing the documents, attestation also helps in processing the visa requests. As a matter of fact, if your documents are not authenticated, then they will be rejected immediately. For all categories of visa excluding tourist visa, you will require attested documents. All types of public documents are liable for attestation, as every type of visa requires some specific documents. For example, if you are applying for work permit then you will require your degree certificates, birth certificate, curriculum vitae, work experience letter (if experienced), employment contract, etc. For preventing any delay, we advise you to attest your documents timely.