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Why bill of lading certificate attestation is important

In the present times, many individuals and organizations from India go abroad for business and commercial purpose like setting up your own company, opening a office in the country where you are going to. To achieve this objective, you need commercial or business visa. For those of you who are exporters or sending cargo to foreign markets, you have to get your bill of lading certificate attested  for bill of lading attestation in India.  If you are unfamiliar with what is bill of lading certificate, then let me make it very clear to you.

What is the definition of bill lading certificate 

Bill of lading certificate  is a document issued by the customer or the  agent to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipping. The bill of lading is applicable for all mediums of transport like shipping, air and road. It is negotiable and serves the three main purposes:-

(1) It is an acknowledgement receipt that the goods have been loaded.
(2) It has the proof of the terms  of the contract of carriage. 
(3) It fulfils the purpose of a document of title to the goods. 

Bills of lading is an extremely  crucial document used in international trade which ensures that the  exporters get  payment and importers receive the goods.

What is bill of lading  attestation 

Attestation of bill of lading certificate is done so as to construct the authenticity of the certificate, by the competent authorities. The Ministry of External Affairs is endowed with the responsibility of verifying the data on the documents, by the Govt of India. The MEA is the final authority which checks the info given and then signs and seals the bill of lading certificate.  We will elaborate the bill of lading attestation process briefly,for you to get an idea. 

Process of attesting bill of lading certificate

First of all, your document will be validated from the respective Chamber of Commerce of the state in India . The Chamber of Commerce is the top body which is granted rights by the particular state govt to handle commercial certificate in that state. To give you an example, if your bill of lading certificate is issued from Mumbai port, then verification is done from the Chamber of Commerce in Maharashtra. Next, attestation from the MEA is done and in the end, you have to give your papers to the consulate/ embassy of the country where are u going to, where they will be completing the attestation process. 

Why bill of lading certificate attestation is important

Bill of lading certificate attestation is an extremely crucial aspect of the visa process. After receiving the goods, you will be assured of their genuineness  and originality, if the document is attested. In the event of any discrepancy, you will have a right legally to compensation from the offending party. Foreign governments, especially those from the GCC only require attested documents, to protect their commercial interests. This is done to ensure that they deal with only bona_fide exporters and importers. 

How MEA authorized companies can assist you for Bill of lading certificate attestation 

Authorized companies from the Ministry of External Affairs, can greatly save your time and money by helping with bill lading certificate attestation . They will perform all the essential tasks like Chamber of Commerce  corroboration, MEA attestation quickly and within reasonable fees. You should be aware of the certitude that Govt procedures are very slow and involve a lot of paperwork.

For example, if you are in Hyderabad and you want to send your consignment to Bahrain, then you should take the services of a MEA  authorized company for getting reliable and flawless  Attestation Services for Bahrain in Hyderabad .  Choose an agency which has facilities for you to check the status of your documents over their website, for the entire duration of the attestation process. Next, they should have an excellent and responsive customer care service which will make your task very easy.  

Benefits of  bill of lading certificate attestation

Attesting your bill  of lading certificate  gives you several advantages. The most prominent of them is that bill of lading certificate attestation is valid for your whole life. This implies that after 10 years, if you are based in Pune and you want to apply for Saudi Arabia business visa, then you can utilize your old bill of lading certificate attestation to acquire Attestation for Saudi Arabia in Pune. Thereafter, the rates for Chamber of Commerce verification , Ministry of External Affairs authentication are very light.